Wantable May Fitness Box

It’s May! That last month of transition and the first sign of Summer. Gyms are packed as people crunch time to fit in their bikinis and show off buns in hot trunks. We get it. It’s hot. The wind is sticky. The sun is blazing and what better way to beat the heat with comfortable yet funky athletic outfits from Wantable? Will anything be better than that?


Koa Tank Waterfall (S)


I have qualms about summer. People look too casual, my skin breaks out because of excess oil and most importantly, I easily become tired because of too much heat. The sun saps my physical energy! It’s almost impossible to look cute while busting my ass out at the gym but thanks to this teal compression top, looking decent does not seem too far fetched at all. A classic racerback style with mesh detail under the straps and around the waistline; it really gives a great contour to the waist. This is my favorite item for this month’s fitness box! My rating for this top is: LOVE.


Bella Compression Tank Blood Orange (S)


You gotta reward your hard work at the gym by showcasing your toned back muscles. My back has been one of my problematic areas. I feel that the ideal update on this spaghetti racer back does not only bring femininity but also enhances support and coverage. Thanks to the built in bra, I don’t have to layer it with sports bra. I am rating this with a spoonful of LOVE.


A short segue: customers save 20% if they keep all the items from the previous month’s box!13334301_10208759052747559_1407416447_o

Printed Capri Blaze (Size 2)


This legging shouts street style! I have a feeling this will not only be worn in gyms but also as an essential part of my wardrobe for casual happenings this summer. I can pair this up with white sneakers and white crisp top.  What I love about this is the waistband does not roll down when I do my squats and lunges. At $69, it’s a bit pricey therefore, I am rating this: LIKE.


On Point Tank Tahiti Pink & Aruba (S)


This has inner bra which is like hitting two birds in one stone. I  am all for efficiency and comfort; especially when working out! The textured body detail with perforated and removable bra cups gives a lot of structure and support to the body. It has a playful strappy back which can get a little bit tricky when putting on and taking off but once you wear it, it’s well fitted and has seamless construction. I am rating this:LIKE.

“Elite” Performance Sport Capri Heather Grey (M)


I own at least three grey athletic leggings already and I absolutely love them. I cheat on my denims for my grey leggings! And receiving another one did not hurt. Mid length performance capris make my lunges and hip abduction exercises feel like nothing. It’s like your second skin. The constructed knit material is excellent for moisture management and comfort. The fitted waist makes sure it stays in place during the most intense workouts. I am rating this: LIKE.

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