Wantable May 2016 Accessories Box


Coming from a long day and receiving a notification that my Wantable Box Accessories has arrived is always a treat. Suddenly, I am not the uptight New Yorker and I get to be an excited kid again. The anticipation would get heightened when I see the box lying on my staircase. All my worries will temporarily be muted as I spend the next moment unboxing my Wantable products. What did my Fairy god Stylists give me this month? Let’s see!



I believe that almost everything is all about the delivery; packaging per se. Don’t you just love Wantable’s minimalist white box design?



Bryn Sunglasses

Gradient cat-eye sunnies! At first, I thought this was not going to be  a good fit for my round face. I usually stick with Wayfarers. I like the gold metal arm and the gradient glass effect. I am giving it an OKAY rating. Moderate because it is not that versatile. It’s for a more formal occasion. Although it fits okay, I’m not sure if it looks perfect with my circular face. I’m still a bit hesitant. At $7.29 this is a steal.


Tessa Bracelet in Gold

This adjustable bangle features a white marble stone and a spike detail. I personally like the combination of white and gold; it’s spunky and elegant. This goes together with almost any outfit. I can wear it on its own or pile it up together with brass bangles or even chain bracelets. I am giving this product a LIKE rating. At $7.29 this is a steal.


Coral Geneva Watch

I asked for an everyday watch. Ideally, something similar to a simple Daniel Wellington; not a girly watch. I dislike wearing girly watches. I stick with minimalistic or classic designs. At $11 this pretty much sums up what the watch is worth. I may wear this but very seldom. I am giving this a DISLIKE.



Lilac scarf features fringe accents is perfect for Spring! I am thinking of wearing this on top of a white crisp collared polo for formal occasions or plain white v-neck shirt for casual trips. It’s retailed at $24 but with Wantable, it’s only $10.29. This is a great pick me up piece that makes any attire put together. I am rating this a big old LOVE.




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