BuffBoxx November 2016 Review

BuffBoxx is a fitness subscription box for men or women. All products are premium and name brand, and a portion of each box sold goes to charity (you can choose one of the several charities at sign-up).

Just when you thought there was no more subscriptions by mail to be had, we get another one.


Buff Box; a fitness subscription box that includes brand name apparel, supplements, snacks, and accessories to help those who are looking to get on the healthy track in life, without searching here or there for it all.

Now…If I order something by mail it’s because I’m genuinely interested in what it offers.  Grant it I’m not interested in everything that comes along inside subscription boxes (let’s call that extra) but when you add clothing into the mix…. I’m sold.  So, with this subscription you have options, everyone loves options right! (that is a statement in a question form).

With this subscription, you get to choose to-have or not-to-have apparel, you can also choose to have monthly subscriptions or 3 months and so on.  For those with food allergies there’s a notification for you as well.  If by any chance, you’re not completely satisfied with your subscription you can return it free of charge (did I mention it ships free also). There’s a lot of cool stuff you can order on the site to help with your workout so do visit the online store on their site.

My Buff Box subscription entailed:  Reebok training workout pants in black, a Buff Box t-shirt in gray, white earbuds, feminine wipes for the ladies, and all that extra stuff I told you that comes in subscription boxes; peanut butter crackers, powdered peanut butter, Whey performance powder, a Buff Box measuring tape, juice coupon, meal plan and a workout plan.  Pretty cool stuff I got, hey!


I’m happy with all the samples I received and I’m especially happy with getting Reebok workout gear.

Want to give it a shot? Do you subscribe to any fitness, weight loss, or workout subscriptions? Give this a try. Use the code: “HOLIDAY” and get 15% off today!