Wantable April Fitness Box


I always believed that discipline is a lifestyle. There is definitely great rewards after putting in the hours and paying your dues. I believe in the rigor that gives us work. I am thankful for the subscription lifestyle that the current day and age gives us. I used to be a shopaholic. I was a slave of impulse, whenever I am tired I will head to the nearest mall and overcompensate stress by grabbing four pairs of shoes. Wantable Box Subscription has set my mind that I don’t have to succumb to the impulses because I know that within the month I will get exactly what I need and those items are well thought of pieces curated by Stylists and not just a product of stress.



Printed Asymetrical Yoga Bra $52 and Active Capri $72

If given the choice, I would have never chosen this pair for myself not because the items are bad but because I never thought that I actually look decent enough to pull this off. Sometimes, we just need to see ourselves through the eyes of others. We are so used to our features that we do not give value to them anymore. I began to appreciate my body because of this pair. I used to cover my body too much. Not only have I saved time, energy and money by subscribing to this month’s fitness box but I also gained positive self-esteem; and that my friends, is quite priceless. By unanimous decision, I am rating this pair: LOVE.

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Maintain Cowl Hoodie Top (S)

This lightweight hoodie top is great for running outside but not for high intensity workouts. I am not a fan of running but I wear this in the gym if I layer it with a performance top or tank. The color is really pretty and the material is great when it comes to moisture management. I am rating this: LIKE. April’s Fitness Box is great for mixing and matching, I have two more items in the box and it included black a Premier Perfromance Runner (S) and Glyder Elongate legging which is also in black. These are capsule pieces for every fit girl. I’m pretty satisfied with this month’s box. These are not just mere clothes for me; I treat them as weapons to propel me to reach my fitness mountains. These pieces serve as motivation. I know that when I improve my health, start walking taller, and become stronger the other aspects of my life will follow.