Wantable May 2016 Intimates Box



INTIMATES! Most people forget about intimates and lounge wears. We are so fixated about what is on the outside. Our looks. Our demeanor. Our stance. But most often than not, what is on the outside is intensified by what is on the inside. If we wear quality under garments, our whole outfit will not only look but also feel better.


I cannot stress enough how much savings being on Wantable Subscription has already given me. Subscribers save money from the products, styling fee and most importantly, time. A huge chunk of women’s time goes to shopping. Time is the greatest equalizer and I am very pleased to be able to devote my time doing important things instead of just shopping. Not only do we receive quality curated products, we save money and time. How’s that for a triple win?


I’ve been wearing this lilac long sleeve tunic for the past few days. I think of it while my eyes are getting dry from staying too much in front of the screen designing whatnots and creating videos or PR materials. Coming home and wearing this while snuggled up in bed with my book is one of the simplest things that my current crazy busy life has to offer. This cozy lounge wear quickly became part of my life! Obviously, I am rating this: LOVE.


I am all for classic neutral shades and minimalistic designs. Just reading that previous statement made me feel like a legitimate adult. This lace nude bikini is not just pretty but also oh so comfy! The lace can be deceiving because it is extremely seamless. I am rating this: LOVE. It also matched perfectly with my nude Calvin Klein bras.


Amanda, if you are reading this! I love the blue seamless knickers. It’s something I personally would pick had I done the legwork. Thanks, Wantable for curating my May intimates and lounge wear for me!┬áThere is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.