Wantable May 2016 Intimates Box



INTIMATES! Most people forget about intimates and lounge wears. We are so fixated about what is on the outside. Our looks. Our demeanor. Our stance. But most often than not, what is on the outside is intensified by what is on the inside. If we wear quality under garments, our whole outfit will not only look but also feel better.


I cannot stress enough how much savings being on Wantable Subscription has already given me. Subscribers save money from the products, styling fee and most importantly, time. A huge chunk of women’s time goes to shopping. Time is the greatest equalizer and I am very pleased to be able to devote my time doing important things instead of just shopping. Not only do we receive quality curated products, we save money and time. How’s that for a triple win?


I’ve been wearing this lilac long sleeve tunic for the past few days. I think of it while my eyes are getting dry from staying too much in front of the screen designing whatnots and creating videos or PR materials. Coming home and wearing this while snuggled up in bed with my book is one of the simplest things that my current crazy busy life has to offer. This cozy lounge wear quickly became part of my life! Obviously, I am rating this: LOVE.


I am all for classic neutral shades and minimalistic designs. Just reading that previous statement made me feel like a legitimate adult. This lace nude bikini is not just pretty but also oh so comfy! The lace can be deceiving because it is extremely seamless. I am rating this: LOVE. It also matched perfectly with my nude Calvin Klein bras.


Amanda, if you are reading this! I love the blue seamless knickers. It’s something I personally would pick had I done the legwork. Thanks, Wantable for curating my May intimates and lounge wear for me! There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.

Wantable May 2016 Accessories Box


Coming from a long day and receiving a notification that my Wantable Box Accessories has arrived is always a treat. Suddenly, I am not the uptight New Yorker and I get to be an excited kid again. The anticipation would get heightened when I see the box lying on my staircase. All my worries will temporarily be muted as I spend the next moment unboxing my Wantable products. What did my Fairy god Stylists give me this month? Let’s see!



I believe that almost everything is all about the delivery; packaging per se. Don’t you just love Wantable’s minimalist white box design?



Bryn Sunglasses

Gradient cat-eye sunnies! At first, I thought this was not going to be  a good fit for my round face. I usually stick with Wayfarers. I like the gold metal arm and the gradient glass effect. I am giving it an OKAY rating. Moderate because it is not that versatile. It’s for a more formal occasion. Although it fits okay, I’m not sure if it looks perfect with my circular face. I’m still a bit hesitant. At $7.29 this is a steal.


Tessa Bracelet in Gold

This adjustable bangle features a white marble stone and a spike detail. I personally like the combination of white and gold; it’s spunky and elegant. This goes together with almost any outfit. I can wear it on its own or pile it up together with brass bangles or even chain bracelets. I am giving this product a LIKE rating. At $7.29 this is a steal.


Coral Geneva Watch

I asked for an everyday watch. Ideally, something similar to a simple Daniel Wellington; not a girly watch. I dislike wearing girly watches. I stick with minimalistic or classic designs. At $11 this pretty much sums up what the watch is worth. I may wear this but very seldom. I am giving this a DISLIKE.



Lilac scarf features fringe accents is perfect for Spring! I am thinking of wearing this on top of a white crisp collared polo for formal occasions or plain white v-neck shirt for casual trips. It’s retailed at $24 but with Wantable, it’s only $10.29. This is a great pick me up piece that makes any attire put together. I am rating this a big old LOVE.




Bean Box April 2016 Review

Bean Box delivers freshly roasted coffee from Seattle’s top roasters to your doorstep.


Bean Box delivers a monthly box of freshly roasted gourmet coffee from Seattle’s premier coffee roasters. Subscribers choose whether to receive a full 12 oz. bag of coffee each month or four smaller 1.8 oz. sample-sized bags. Check out the video below for a sneak peek. Scroll further for the full review.

The video was a tease 🙂 Now for the actual review….

bean box, Seattle coffee

We first tried Lighthouse Roaster’s Choice. It’s a full-bodied blend of Ethiopian, Sumatran, and Latin high-grown Arabicas. The beans were darker then any of the others in the box which I love because it screams bold flavor. I enjoyed this one but not as much as the others.

Our second cup was Herkimer Coffee Drip BlendThis was a medium roast coffee from Honduras. Bean Box recommended trying this coffee without milk or sugar because it brings the flavor out. I’m hard headed and tried it with half and half and splenda (please don’t tell me about the negative issues with splenda) and enjoyed the creamy flavor. It had a nice sweet flavor in spite of my additions. 

Kuma Coffee Colombia Bruselas  was tasty! Bean Box said it’s “A true crowd pleaser, with great body, structure, sweetness, and intensity. Fantastic filter coffee or sweet, big-bodied espresso. Notes of chocolate, panela, honeycrisp apple, golden raisin, and raspberry.” and I agree with it all. The flavors are popping and I would def say this was my second favor and order again.

Broadcast Coffee Roasters Colombia Las Margaritas:  Cola, licorice, and chocolate notes emerge from a caramelly-smooth body.  Surprisingly nuanced for a Colombian coffee, this is a awesome drink that I would order again but not before the previous two.


Club W rebrands as Winc and raises $17.5 million

Club W rebrands as Winc, raises $17.5 million for personalized wine

Club W now known as WINC been a leading direct to consumer wine subscription service for the past couple years. They’ve seen tremendous growth over the past year and have decided to merge all 3 aspects of their business. WINC has always been the name of their winery that produces all of the wine on the Club W site Club W is their wine club/ subscription service that you all know and love.

Give Wine is their corporate gifting business, and WINC Direct is the B2B aspect of their business that has successfully partnered with businesses and restaurants to sell WINC wine. As they continue to grow as a company it made sense to unify all three branches of our business under one name, WINC.

Read more about the transition and money raised on TechCrunch here http://techcrunch.com/2016/05/04/club-w-rebrands-as-winc-raises-17-5-million/

FREE 5-Piece Julep Welcome Gift!

FREE 5-Piece Welcome Gift Set with Julep Subscription!

Julep has a new free gift! They are offering a free 5-Piece Gift Set when you sign up for a Julep Maven monthly or 3-month subscription!

julep nail polish


Use coupon code COLORLOVE to get this free gift when you sign up!

Your free beauty gift includes:

colorlove - Copy

  • One nectar pink lip crayon
  • One fuchsia crème polish
  • One mint crème polish
  • One electric violet polish
  • One electric teal eye pencil


Wantable Make-Up May 2016 Collection



Spring is in full bloom. Everything looks livelier and vibrant… except for my skin. Allergies aren’t pretty, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be. At least for me. Thanks to Wantable for putting the excitement back into Spring and pollen in its place; for saving my face this allergy season with these healthy products to sooth my irritated skin.

My May Wantable Beauty Box includes the Cleansing Oil, Eyeliner, Mascara and Eye Emulsion Serum. I am turning 25 and I have decided to prioritize the health of my skin and thanks to Wantable for letting me try products that are good to defy age. Aside from drinking water, investing in quality skin care is a must, Ladies


LOVE is for this cleansing oil that can be used as a moisturizer and make-up remover. I was quite hesitant to use it as a make-up remover since it is oil based and my skin is already oily. Ideally, people would have a common misconception that only alcohol can cleanse the pores. I was proven wrong. I am a believer of this product’s efficiency and the scent puts me to a relaxing mood after a long day at school and work.


LOVE is for this eye serum emulsion that came in a charming velvet pouch. The pouch is used because the eye emulsion is enclosed in a glass container. At 24, I am beginning to invest more in eye creams and skin care to defy aging.


LIKE is for this felt tip eyeliner. It makes for easy application. Allergies make eye my itch and this smudge proof eyeliner from Sugar saves me from raccoon eyes! It is worth every penny.


LIKE is for this Volumizer Mascara. The packaging is hands down very svelte but it does not live up to its purpose. I have naturally thick eyelashes and using this should have made my eyes pop a bit more but it did not. I had to apply three coats and that is not very efficient and quite wasteful.

All in all, I liked the products in the May Wantable Beauty Box. I am not returning anything and already excited for the June box.

Teabox – May Coupon Offers

Tea Box
Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Teabox has added a new page of Mother’s Day Gifts to help you buy the perfect gift for their tea-loving mothers! Here is a link to the Mother’s Day Gift page:

50% off White Tea Collection Pack

Valid: 5/9 – 5/22
Code: no code needed

50% off White Tea Collection Pack – no code needed – ends 5/22

30% off Tea Collection Packs

Valid: 5/1 – 5/30
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30% off Tea Collection Packs – no code needed – ends 5/30

15% off Orders $50+

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Code: AFF15

15% off Orders $50+ with code AFF15 – ends 5/7

25% off Orders $100+

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$45 off Orders $150+

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$65 off Orders $200+

Valid: 5/22 – 5/28
Code: AFF65

$65 off Orders $200+ with code AFF65 – ends 5/28

25% off First Subscription Box

Valid: 5/1 – 6/4
Code: SUB25

25% off First Subscription Box with code SUB25 – ends 6/4

15% off ALL Accessories

Valid: 5/1 – 6/4
Code: ACS15

15% off ALL Accessories with code ACS15 – ends 6/4


Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club Review



When you’re tired of the mass-produced brews that line the grocery store shelves, you may want to give craft beers a chance. The Microwbrewed Beer of the Month Club is a cool way to try creative craft beers chosen by professional Brewmasters. This spring selection introduced me to a couple of new favorites that I can’t wait to stock in my fridge.

Saratoga IPA – Bittersweet Experience


Saratoga was the strongest tasting IPA I’ve ever tasted. It poured a deep golden into the glass and had an idle foam. The first sip blew me away, as I wasn’t expecting such robust flavor, which lingers. While the earthiness overwhelmed me initially, I eventually tasted the notes of citrus.

NOTESStyle: IPA | Serving Temp: 45-50˚ F | ABV: 6.8% | Suggested Glassware: Pint Glass or Mug


Kwaremont – A Strong First Impression


As the Club suggested, my boyfriend and I drank Kwaremont at a warmer temperature. It has an amber hue with a big head. The first sips were a little off-putting, but it grew on us. My bf likened it to a better-tasting Heineken.

NOTESStyle: Belgian Blonde Ale | Serving Temp: 45-52˚ F | ABV: 6.6% | Suggested Glassware: Tulip, Snifter, Goblet


Praga Premium Pils – A Real Winner


Praga Premium won the World Beer Championships Gold Medal, and I can see how. This pilsner was delicious! Apparently, the Czechs produced the first pilsner-style beer in the 1800s. So, they know a little something about beer. At one point in time, I was all about the Beck’s (a pilsner from Germany), which had a real earthy taste. After tasting Praga Premium, I questioned that life’s choice.

The pour of the Praga Premium was golden and dreamy. It had a strong hoppy aroma that I actually liked. The Beer Club suggested pizza as a pairing, so I had to oblige. Praga and spinach-cheese-pie – now, that’s a good life choice.

NOTESStyle: Czech Pilsner | Serving Temp: 42-47˚ F | ABV: 4.7% | Suggested Glassware: Pilsner Glass or Flute


Black Bavarian – Dark & Lovely


I unknowingly saved the best for last. The pour of the Black Bavarian was sexy – luscious dark brown liquid cascaded into the glass and was topped with a thick, sudsy tan top. I was like a kid drinking a (spiked) milkshake. Black Bavarian was a sumptuous beer with a slightly bitter aftertaste, but it didn’t remain. This black beauty had a delicious chocolatey-fruity taste that needed no pairing. I’ll definitely stock Black Bavarian for the summer.

NOTESStyle: Schwarzbier | Country: United States | Serving Temp: 47-55˚ F | ABV: 5.86% | Suggested Glassware: Pilsner Glass or Mug

Cocotique Beauty Box Review – Spring Essentials



This was my first Cocotique box. It came with an informative card detailing each item inside and, on the backside, an inspirational note from Founder & CEO Dana Hill. This month’s message was a call to “accept yourself and your beauty will shine from within.” The packaging was beautiful, and I was excited to dig in.

Essenza Mango Agave Hand Soap



The Essenza soap was my favorite item in the box. Hand soap is usually so drying that I have to slather on lotion after washing my hands. But this left my hands soft and moisturized, and I skipped the hand cream. And the soft scent of citrus fruits was pleasant.

Ginger & Liz Colour Collection Nail Lacquer


See, when it comes to nail colors, I’m stuck on the opposite ends of a spectrum – I like a pale beige or a neon pink – and typically no in between. I was hesitant looking at the glittery bottle. But as I was polishing, the more I was like, “hey, now!” The textured diamond look was very Beyonce-esque. I even caught myself singing “Single Ladies” as I polished my tips. Then, I read the bottom label to see the color’s name: Queen Bee. How apropos. And Ginger & Liz is vegan-friendly and toxin-free! The application was easy and fool-proof. Textured polishes are not easy to take off, and this one was no exception. But it’s a good look when you want to glam it up on occasion.

My son commented that the polish made my hands look like I was 21 years old. Sold! I used the Ginger & Liz discount code in my box to order a full-size version of this “youth in a bottle.”

Naked Beaute Adore Shea Body Butter


I’m not a fan of the thick texture and sticky feeling of body butter. While this moisturizer by Naked Beaute is more of a whipped style, it’s still thicker than I prefer. I did feel super moisturized. Along with the 100% natural shea butter, mango butter, and cocoa butter, the Naked Beaute body butter is also infused with some of my favorite oils, including coconut and sweet almond oil. The citrus aroma from the fruit extracts lingered beautifully after my shower.

Makari Skin Repairing Clarifying Serum


This serum is billed as a “repairing gel to help remove unwanted pigmentation, discoloration, dark spots, acne scars.” It is also formulated to treat dark elbows, knuckles, knees, and toes.

There were no instructions on the sample tube of Makari serum, so I searched the company’s website. You apply only a speck of the product to your problem areas. For $52 retail for 1.35 fl. oz. (ouch!), I hope this lasts! One user on the site reported that she purchased the Makari serum and after five months, she still had product left.

I placed a tiny amount on several dark spots on my face and elbows. The clear serum was a bit gelatinous and had a perfume aroma. Time will tell if Makari serum works, but it has good reviews so it may be worth a try.

Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture Defining Butter Crème & Ultra-Moisturizing Co-Wash


Natural hair care products are not cheap these days, so it’s nice to be able to test samples before investing in them. I received the Cocotique box soon after getting a Keratin hair smoothing treatment, so I didn’t want to risk ruining it with unfamiliar products. However, after researching the company website, the products seem definitely worth sampling.

BONUS: You B-Natural Botanical Smoothing & Defrizzing Crème



As I mentioned, I have a Keratin treatment, so I wasn’t expecting the You-B Natural crème to “smooth” or “defrizz.” I tried it as a heat protectant for my bangs, which I like to flat iron daily. (I know, I’m a bad girl). The conditioner was lightweight and absorbed well in my strands with no residue. It didn’t weigh my bangs down, and it had a soft, fragrant smell.