Surprise My Pet April Box Review

Meet Meadow! Meadow is my roughly 10-year-old mutt that got to experience a Surprise My Pet subscription box in April of 2016. She enjoyed it!I_SOME~1

Surprise My Pet is a monthly subscription box for dog (and cat) lovers that features 5-7 toys, treats, accessories, grooming supplies and more each month for your canine (or feline companion). They offer a “Paw for Paw guarantee, so if your pup doesn’t like an item, they’ll send an additional item in the next month’s box). You can also cancel, or skip a box at any time. 10% of their profits go to helping charities and shelters across the US.

Like most subscription boxes, there are a couple of different subscription options. There are six total options for box type:

  • Tiny dog: <10lbs
  • Small dog: 10-20lbs
  • Medium dog: 20-50lbs
  • Large dog: 50+lbs)
  • Single Cat Household
  • Multi-Cat Household

Regardless of box type, you can select a subscription plan from month-to-month ($35/box), 3-month ($33/box) or 1-year ($29/box).

Meadow is right around 50lbs, but she’s an old soul, so I got her a Medium dog box. I’ll lay out what it contained, my thoughts on her thoughts of each product, and at the end I’ll give my final review along with a coupon for anyone who’d like to try out one for themselves!

The box packaging was pretty unmistakeable, bright yellow packaging with a pet pattern on it, sizeable but not weighed down.

Photo May 06, 6 03 45 PM

Opening it, there was a mix of plush toys and treats, along with a candle and postcard that listed the contents of the box.

Photo May 06, 6 07 09 PMPhoto May 06, 6 07 17 PM

First things first, Meadow’s not a big fan of toys – in fact, she’s not a fan at all. Rawhides, treats – really anything she can eat, she’ll enjoy, but no toys. I bought her a Kong once, and filled it with peanut butter, she just pushed it into the corner to lick out the peanut butter and was done with it. So, the first two products I’ll outline weren’t used much by her. I’ll cover the product name, the description from the included postcard, the retail value and my thoughts on it.


Photo May 06, 6 05 05 PM

  • Product: Slice O’Pizza Plush
  • Description: Nothing screams movie night quite like takeout! Let your dog enjoy a slice of pie with this super-soft Jeffers Slice O’Pizza dog toy filled with a crinkly material and a squeaker
  • Retail Value: $8.99
  • My thoughts: This is a pretty good quality toy that would stand up to any dog that doesn’t have a tendency to tear apart plush toys. Really, your dog either plays with them, or rips them, so you know right away whether or not this is a good toy for them. For Meadow, she’s just not interested.


Photo May 06, 6 04 58 PMPhoto May 06, 6 05 19 PM

  • Product: Elvis PB & Banana Sandwich
  • Description: We all know Elvis loved a peanut butter and banaana sandwich: now your dog can have its own version to love! Enticing squeaker in one side, with crinkle material in the other.
  • Retail Value: $14.99
  • My thoughts: Just like the pizza slice, if you’re dog is a fan of plush/squeaker/crinkle toys, they’ll dig the king’s sandwich of choice. Meadow passed, but I appreciate the humor hear, and the fact that it’s technically two in one (held together by velcro on the ‘banana’ slices) is just amusing.


Photo May 06, 6 06 40 PMPhoto May 06, 6 10 41 PM


A video posted by Dustin Zick (@dustinzick) on

  • Product: Himalayan Dog Chews Yaky Charms
  • Description: Made using techniques derived from an ancient recipe to convert milk into a hard cheese. 100% natural without any additives or preservatives, handmade in the USA! Pop them just like popcorn.
  • Retail Value: $2.99
  • My thoughts: Meadow loved these! Check out her chomping through them in the video above. These do work just like microwave popcorn, stick them in the microwave for about a minute, and what looks like a vastly underpopped bag of popcorn will emerge. A single bag gets you about a handful of popcorn-sized pieces. A good special treat for any pup.


Photo May 06, 6 05 34 PM

  • Product: Puppy Scoops Ice Cream Mix
  • Description: Now your best furrend can enjoy all the things that you love in life! While you have a pint of delicious creamy ice cream, your best furrends get their own. It’s smooth and creamy, just like ice cream, with a fraction of the fat and calories. Formulated for your dog’s digestion.
  • Retail Value: $7.99
  • My thoughts: So I haven’t given this to Meadow yet – but I’m confident she’ll like it. I do appreciate that this is non-refrigerated when purchased/shipped (obviously). You add 2/3 cup hot water, and stick in the freezer for 5 hours. It smelled good when I was mixing it. My only gripe was that mix was stored in a plastic bag within the cup. The bag had no easy open perforation or anything similar, so I punctured with my finger and got some on my table. I should have just used a scissors.


Photo May 06, 6 06 27 PM


A video posted by Dustin Zick (@dustinzick) on


  • Product: Bark Bars
  • Description: Your dog can indulge in some movie snacks with these all-natural cookie bar dog treats in fun retro packaging. Made in the U.S.A.
  • Retail Value: $1.99
  • My thoughts: Meadow liked these as well. The “retro” packaging threw me off, it just looked old, but it was a simple hard PB bar, divided up into chunks to break apart. Seemed like a chunk of two was a bit too big for her, so she chomped it in half and went to town on each half separately. Easy treat to take to the dog park.


Photo May 06, 6 06 16 PM

  • Product: One Fur All Pet House Candle
  • Description: Create the ambiance with these specially formulated candles for pet friendly homes. Made in the USA.
  • Retail Value: $3.49
  • My thoughts: So this one was more for me than Meadow. It smells great! But it isn’t that big, it’s about a half-dollar in diameter and half an inch high, so I don’t suspect it will last super long. Again, smells great!


Photo May 06, 6 05 50 PM

  • Product: pawTree pawTreats Freeze Dried Chicken, Apples and Spinach Treats
  • Description: These weren’t listed on the post card.
  • Retail Value: Unavailable (I think these were a sample pack)
  • My thoughts: Best I can tell, pawTree does customized pet food to each individual pet – which is pretty cool (though I imagine expensive). The SurpriseMyPet box came with a card to try their 90-day difference, so I’ll check that out, but Meadow enjoyed these treats – so that’s a good thing!


My Thoughts!

As a whole, I think that the Surprise My Pet box could be a good subscription for the right pet owner – namely someone with a dog who’s not too discerning regarding food, or toys. The mix of products makes it hard for those of us with picky canines, and that’s understandable, it’s a risk coming from any subscription box where you don’t know what’s going to be included.  In that regard, I would have loved to see a rawhide or some sort of hard-toy included here. While my Meadow would have enjoyed the rawhide, there wasn’t anything in this month’s box that felt that it could be handled by a dog that plays “rough” with its toys (as I noted on the plush toys). Something like a Kong would be appreciated for those dog owners. I also with that the “owner” product was more useful than a candle. I’ve been wanting to have a collar light for late-night walks for some time, something similar could be cool. I like putting bandanas on Meadow (that’s the most she dresses up, besides the occasional poncho), so it’d be really neat were there a different bandana each month or something along those lines.

As promised, if you’re interested in trying one out for yourself (and you should!), you can score 10% off by using the code BOXR at checkout!

Everything that you need to know about Loot Crate

If you are a geeky person who loves fiddling around with geek and gaming related stuffs, Loot Crate is the right thing for you. Established in 2012, this subscription box service that has more than 200,000 subscribers spread across 10 different countries.

What does the crate contain?

The mystery crate that gets delivered to the subscriber’s address by every 20th of the month contain four to eight items that are related to video gaming or geeky matters. The items are based on the theme of the month which keeps on changing every month. Some of the popular themes of Loot Crate were Invasion’ in January 2016, Anti-Hero’ in August 2016, and the Versus’ in March 2016.

The items that are shipped in the mystery crate are mostly collectible items, apparels, techie gadgets, art pieces and other types of geeky gear. These items are obtained from different companies with whom LC has partnered. Some of the eminent companies who are partners with Loot Crate include Marvel, DC, and Nintendo.

Types of crates
When you subscribe to the services, you get an option to choose from a number of different types of crates. In order to choose the most suitable one for you, you need to know the different options available. The available types are

Loot Crate DXLoot AnimeLoot PetsLoot GamingLoot wear

There were limited time edition crates as well which were Halo Legendary crate and Firefly Cargo Crate. Each of the type of crate determines the type of items in them. For example, The Loot Anime crate will have anime related items and the Loot pets crate will have apparels with pictures of pets on them, pet treats and pet toys. Each of the different types of crate corresponds to the theme of the month and the items are decided accordingly.

If you are interested in any of the merchandise that was part of any of the past crates, you can buy them separately from the Loot Vault. The vault is basically a repository of all the popular themed crates and the different merchandise that were a part of these popular crates of the past.

Types of plans

If you want to be one of the millions of looters, you can subscribe for the services of LC easily from their website. There are many subscription plans, and the prices for them varies as per the below mentioned table.

1 month’s subscription – $15.99 per month3 months subscription – $13.25 per month6 months subscription – $12.95 per month12 months subscription – $11.95 per month

The annual subscription gives a free gift as well, which is a t-shirt of size of your choice. The subscription fees do not include shipping and handling charges. You have to pay for shipping and handling on top of subscription fee.

The total value of the merchandise that are packed inside the monthly mystery crates is more than $45, hence it is a really profitable deal for people who love surprise gift items. As the contents of the crates are not disclosed earlier, it gives a thrilled feeling to the subscribers, who wait anxiously every month to see what is in store for them in the Loot crate for the month.

BuffBoxx November 2016 Review

BuffBoxx is a fitness subscription box for men or women. All products are premium and name brand, and a portion of each box sold goes to charity (you can choose one of the several charities at sign-up).

Just when you thought there was no more subscriptions by mail to be had, we get another one.


Buff Box; a fitness subscription box that includes brand name apparel, supplements, snacks, and accessories to help those who are looking to get on the healthy track in life, without searching here or there for it all.

Now…If I order something by mail it’s because I’m genuinely interested in what it offers.  Grant it I’m not interested in everything that comes along inside subscription boxes (let’s call that extra) but when you add clothing into the mix…. I’m sold.  So, with this subscription you have options, everyone loves options right! (that is a statement in a question form).

With this subscription, you get to choose to-have or not-to-have apparel, you can also choose to have monthly subscriptions or 3 months and so on.  For those with food allergies there’s a notification for you as well.  If by any chance, you’re not completely satisfied with your subscription you can return it free of charge (did I mention it ships free also). There’s a lot of cool stuff you can order on the site to help with your workout so do visit the online store on their site.

My Buff Box subscription entailed:  Reebok training workout pants in black, a Buff Box t-shirt in gray, white earbuds, feminine wipes for the ladies, and all that extra stuff I told you that comes in subscription boxes; peanut butter crackers, powdered peanut butter, Whey performance powder, a Buff Box measuring tape, juice coupon, meal plan and a workout plan.  Pretty cool stuff I got, hey!


I’m happy with all the samples I received and I’m especially happy with getting Reebok workout gear.

Want to give it a shot? Do you subscribe to any fitness, weight loss, or workout subscriptions? Give this a try. Use the code: “HOLIDAY” and get 15% off today!



Wantable’s Ethical Obligation of Operating a Retail Subscription Company

With recent press highlighting the nefarious business practices of AdoreMeJustFab, and a few other subscription companies,  I felt now was a good time to reiterate my commitment to our customers and employees.

I believe all businesses and business owners have the duty to operate ethically, provide the best product possible, treat customers the way they expect to be treated, and address any mistakes or issues openly and honestly when they happen. As a member of a growing group of Subscription Companies, I feel there are a three additional principals we should all adhere to in order to build trust with our customers and improve the appeal of the subscription model…read more.

MYME Box Review (with video)

MYME BOX is a Health and Wellness Subscription Box for the “Busy Mom” or “Working Girl” delivered straight to the door to celebrate all our accomplishments for the month.

I received nine items in my box.

  • Lavender scented Epson Salt 1.5lb bag: I thought this was a great item to receive because we use Epson salt in my home already. Since I’ve never tried the lavender scent this was a pleasant surprise.
  • Miss Spa clarify facial mud mask:  Now, I’m not a fan of mud masks so this item wouldn’t benefit me, but if someone else received it or can pass it on, then there’s no waste.mymebox
  • Essential oil: this oil suggest that you use it as a body oil or to inhale it for relaxation. I like the scent it has which is cinnamon, nut meg and sweet oranges.  I may actually put this somewhere in the house for the aroma.
  • Lemongrass Bath Bomb: 5oz bath bomb.  We are fans of bath bombs in my house so I was excited to see this in my box.
  • thinkThin Protein & Fiber Bar: This is a chocolate almond brownie bar. I’m not a fan of fiber bars but this looks really good. With just 150 calories I may just try it.
  • Believe mug: Unfortunately, this mug was broken upon arrival. I can’t use it but it was a nice touch.
  • Lemongrass Lavender Herbal Tea: This tea is organic and caffeine free. I have never tried this tea so I’m looking forward to trying it.
  • 2pc Earring set: This is a neon yellow necklace with a pair of earrings to match.  I’m personally not a fan of the set, but I’m sure someone is.

The whole MYME Box theme is to relax-revive-renew (live), and I really think with the items I received in my box I can do just that. I hope this review will help someone else to make a decision to purchase from MYMEBOX.

Loot Crate, the subscription startup for fans and geeks, raises $18.5M

Loot Crate, the subscription startup for fans and geeks, raises $18.5M

Geeky commerce startup Loot Crate is announcing that it has raised $18.5 million in Series A funding.

The round was led by Upfront Ventures, with participation from Breakwater Investment Management, Time Inc., Downey Ventures (startup investment arm of Team Downey, the production company founded by Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey), M13 and Sterling.VC.

via TechCrunch

Wantable April Fitness Box


I always believed that discipline is a lifestyle. There is definitely great rewards after putting in the hours and paying your dues. I believe in the rigor that gives us work. I am thankful for the subscription lifestyle that the current day and age gives us. I used to be a shopaholic. I was a slave of impulse, whenever I am tired I will head to the nearest mall and overcompensate stress by grabbing four pairs of shoes. Wantable Box Subscription has set my mind that I don’t have to succumb to the impulses because I know that within the month I will get exactly what I need and those items are well thought of pieces curated by Stylists and not just a product of stress.



Printed Asymetrical Yoga Bra $52 and Active Capri $72

If given the choice, I would have never chosen this pair for myself not because the items are bad but because I never thought that I actually look decent enough to pull this off. Sometimes, we just need to see ourselves through the eyes of others. We are so used to our features that we do not give value to them anymore. I began to appreciate my body because of this pair. I used to cover my body too much. Not only have I saved time, energy and money by subscribing to this month’s fitness box but I also gained positive self-esteem; and that my friends, is quite priceless. By unanimous decision, I am rating this pair: LOVE.

13313716_10208759320114243_1009156660_o (1)

Maintain Cowl Hoodie Top (S)

This lightweight hoodie top is great for running outside but not for high intensity workouts. I am not a fan of running but I wear this in the gym if I layer it with a performance top or tank. The color is really pretty and the material is great when it comes to moisture management. I am rating this: LIKE. April’s Fitness Box is great for mixing and matching, I have two more items in the box and it included black a Premier Perfromance Runner (S) and Glyder Elongate legging which is also in black. These are capsule pieces for every fit girl. I’m pretty satisfied with this month’s box. These are not just mere clothes for me; I treat them as weapons to propel me to reach my fitness mountains. These pieces serve as motivation. I know that when I improve my health, start walking taller, and become stronger the other aspects of my life will follow.



Wantable May Fitness Box

It’s May! That last month of transition and the first sign of Summer. Gyms are packed as people crunch time to fit in their bikinis and show off buns in hot trunks. We get it. It’s hot. The wind is sticky. The sun is blazing and what better way to beat the heat with comfortable yet funky athletic outfits from Wantable? Will anything be better than that?


Koa Tank Waterfall (S)


I have qualms about summer. People look too casual, my skin breaks out because of excess oil and most importantly, I easily become tired because of too much heat. The sun saps my physical energy! It’s almost impossible to look cute while busting my ass out at the gym but thanks to this teal compression top, looking decent does not seem too far fetched at all. A classic racerback style with mesh detail under the straps and around the waistline; it really gives a great contour to the waist. This is my favorite item for this month’s fitness box! My rating for this top is: LOVE.


Bella Compression Tank Blood Orange (S)


You gotta reward your hard work at the gym by showcasing your toned back muscles. My back has been one of my problematic areas. I feel that the ideal update on this spaghetti racer back does not only bring femininity but also enhances support and coverage. Thanks to the built in bra, I don’t have to layer it with sports bra. I am rating this with a spoonful of LOVE.


A short segue: customers save 20% if they keep all the items from the previous month’s box!13334301_10208759052747559_1407416447_o

Printed Capri Blaze (Size 2)


This legging shouts street style! I have a feeling this will not only be worn in gyms but also as an essential part of my wardrobe for casual happenings this summer. I can pair this up with white sneakers and white crisp top.  What I love about this is the waistband does not roll down when I do my squats and lunges. At $69, it’s a bit pricey therefore, I am rating this: LIKE.


On Point Tank Tahiti Pink & Aruba (S)


This has inner bra which is like hitting two birds in one stone. I  am all for efficiency and comfort; especially when working out! The textured body detail with perforated and removable bra cups gives a lot of structure and support to the body. It has a playful strappy back which can get a little bit tricky when putting on and taking off but once you wear it, it’s well fitted and has seamless construction. I am rating this:LIKE.

“Elite” Performance Sport Capri Heather Grey (M)


I own at least three grey athletic leggings already and I absolutely love them. I cheat on my denims for my grey leggings! And receiving another one did not hurt. Mid length performance capris make my lunges and hip abduction exercises feel like nothing. It’s like your second skin. The constructed knit material is excellent for moisture management and comfort. The fitted waist makes sure it stays in place during the most intense workouts. I am rating this: LIKE.

Graze (Gift) Box Review and FREE Box Offer!

Graze Subscription Box

Graze is a mini-snack subscription box that sends a customized selection of treats weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. They offer over 100 different snacks that you can rate online, which, over time, helps tailor your subscription to your particular snacking preferences.

Free Graze Box

The Products: Healthy snacks tailored to your specifications.

Ships to: US (and UK via the Graze UK site).

Here is my first set of 4 snacks from the box.

Iced Cinnamon Bun– 1g of sugar

Stars & Stripes– 0g of sugar

Grilled Cheese – 2g of sugar (highest in the box)

Pumpkin Spice Flapjack – 1g of sugar

I’m happy with the box! It also helped that this first box was a gift box! I think I’m going to add this to my rotation of boxes, especially since it’s one of the cheaper priced ($11.99) subscription boxes in the snack category. Now…you give it a try. Click on the banner below for your FREE box. When you get your box, let us know what you think!