SB4: Podcast interview with Eric Bandholz couldn’t grow facial hair at his corporate bank job. So he took the next logical step: He quit and built a business around his beard. Eric is husband, father, entrepreneur, YouTuber, world traveler, and designer. Founder of beardbrand. Eric is what he called “An urban beardsman” His vision is fostering a community for the bearded lifestyle that gives men the tools to wear a beard in any environment. Since launching an e-commerce site in January of 2013, Beardbrand has grown from zero to over $120k per month built primarily on branding. 

SB3: Podcast interview with Paul Jarrett who Co-Founded Bulu, Inc. also known by the subscription box name Bulu Box and Bulu Marketplace in 2012. Paul was running in a marathon with his wife and as the volunteers were handing out sample products for them to use along the run, they later realized that there was an opportunity and a market for sending out health products and vitamins to others in a more curated process and collect essential data along the way.

SB2: Exclusive podcast interview with Miko Branch co-founder of Miss Jessie’s on her growth in the beauty business, book & relationship with her sister sister, Titi, how she continues to grow her multi million dollar business and much more!


SB1: Podcast Interview with Jalem Getz, President of Wantable Inc. dropped out of college where he was studying to become an engineer, created his first retail business which would eventually evolve from a Kiosk to an estimated $400 Million online business and now leading the way with his Subscription Box business,