Surprise My Pet April Box Review

Meet Meadow! Meadow is my roughly 10-year-old mutt that got to experience a Surprise My Pet subscription box in April of 2016. She enjoyed it!I_SOME~1

Surprise My Pet is a monthly subscription box for dog (and cat) lovers that features 5-7 toys, treats, accessories, grooming supplies and more each month for your canine (or feline companion). They offer a “Paw for Paw guarantee, so if your pup doesn’t like an item, they’ll send an additional item in the next month’s box). You can also cancel, or skip a box at any time. 10% of their profits go to helping charities and shelters across the US.

Like most subscription boxes, there are a couple of different subscription options. There are six total options for box type:

  • Tiny dog: <10lbs
  • Small dog: 10-20lbs
  • Medium dog: 20-50lbs
  • Large dog: 50+lbs)
  • Single Cat Household
  • Multi-Cat Household

Regardless of box type, you can select a subscription plan from month-to-month ($35/box), 3-month ($33/box) or 1-year ($29/box).

Meadow is right around 50lbs, but she’s an old soul, so I got her a Medium dog box. I’ll lay out what it contained, my thoughts on her thoughts of each product, and at the end I’ll give my final review along with a coupon for anyone who’d like to try out one for themselves!

The box packaging was pretty unmistakeable, bright yellow packaging with a pet pattern on it, sizeable but not weighed down.

Photo May 06, 6 03 45 PM

Opening it, there was a mix of plush toys and treats, along with a candle and postcard that listed the contents of the box.

Photo May 06, 6 07 09 PMPhoto May 06, 6 07 17 PM

First things first, Meadow’s not a big fan of toys – in fact, she’s not a fan at all. Rawhides, treats – really anything she can eat, she’ll enjoy, but no toys. I bought her a Kong once, and filled it with peanut butter, she just pushed it into the corner to lick out the peanut butter and was done with it. So, the first two products I’ll outline weren’t used much by her. I’ll cover the product name, the description from the included postcard, the retail value and my thoughts on it.


Photo May 06, 6 05 05 PM

  • Product: Slice O’Pizza Plush
  • Description: Nothing screams movie night quite like takeout! Let your dog enjoy a slice of pie with this super-soft Jeffers Slice O’Pizza dog toy filled with a crinkly material and a squeaker
  • Retail Value: $8.99
  • My thoughts: This is a pretty good quality toy that would stand up to any dog that doesn’t have a tendency to tear apart plush toys. Really, your dog either plays with them, or rips them, so you know right away whether or not this is a good toy for them. For Meadow, she’s just not interested.


Photo May 06, 6 04 58 PMPhoto May 06, 6 05 19 PM

  • Product: Elvis PB & Banana Sandwich
  • Description: We all know Elvis loved a peanut butter and banaana sandwich: now your dog can have its own version to love! Enticing squeaker in one side, with crinkle material in the other.
  • Retail Value: $14.99
  • My thoughts: Just like the pizza slice, if you’re dog is a fan of plush/squeaker/crinkle toys, they’ll dig the king’s sandwich of choice. Meadow passed, but I appreciate the humor hear, and the fact that it’s technically two in one (held together by velcro on the ‘banana’ slices) is just amusing.


Photo May 06, 6 06 40 PMPhoto May 06, 6 10 41 PM


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  • Product: Himalayan Dog Chews Yaky Charms
  • Description: Made using techniques derived from an ancient recipe to convert milk into a hard cheese. 100% natural without any additives or preservatives, handmade in the USA! Pop them just like popcorn.
  • Retail Value: $2.99
  • My thoughts: Meadow loved these! Check out her chomping through them in the video above. These do work just like microwave popcorn, stick them in the microwave for about a minute, and what looks like a vastly underpopped bag of popcorn will emerge. A single bag gets you about a handful of popcorn-sized pieces. A good special treat for any pup.


Photo May 06, 6 05 34 PM

  • Product: Puppy Scoops Ice Cream Mix
  • Description: Now your best furrend can enjoy all the things that you love in life! While you have a pint of delicious creamy ice cream, your best furrends get their own. It’s smooth and creamy, just like ice cream, with a fraction of the fat and calories. Formulated for your dog’s digestion.
  • Retail Value: $7.99
  • My thoughts: So I haven’t given this to Meadow yet – but I’m confident she’ll like it. I do appreciate that this is non-refrigerated when purchased/shipped (obviously). You add 2/3 cup hot water, and stick in the freezer for 5 hours. It smelled good when I was mixing it. My only gripe was that mix was stored in a plastic bag within the cup. The bag had no easy open perforation or anything similar, so I punctured with my finger and got some on my table. I should have just used a scissors.


Photo May 06, 6 06 27 PM


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  • Product: Bark Bars
  • Description: Your dog can indulge in some movie snacks with these all-natural cookie bar dog treats in fun retro packaging. Made in the U.S.A.
  • Retail Value: $1.99
  • My thoughts: Meadow liked these as well. The “retro” packaging threw me off, it just looked old, but it was a simple hard PB bar, divided up into chunks to break apart. Seemed like a chunk of two was a bit too big for her, so she chomped it in half and went to town on each half separately. Easy treat to take to the dog park.


Photo May 06, 6 06 16 PM

  • Product: One Fur All Pet House Candle
  • Description: Create the ambiance with these specially formulated candles for pet friendly homes. Made in the USA.
  • Retail Value: $3.49
  • My thoughts: So this one was more for me than Meadow. It smells great! But it isn’t that big, it’s about a half-dollar in diameter and half an inch high, so I don’t suspect it will last super long. Again, smells great!


Photo May 06, 6 05 50 PM

  • Product: pawTree pawTreats Freeze Dried Chicken, Apples and Spinach Treats
  • Description: These weren’t listed on the post card.
  • Retail Value: Unavailable (I think these were a sample pack)
  • My thoughts: Best I can tell, pawTree does customized pet food to each individual pet – which is pretty cool (though I imagine expensive). The SurpriseMyPet box came with a card to try their 90-day difference, so I’ll check that out, but Meadow enjoyed these treats – so that’s a good thing!


My Thoughts!

As a whole, I think that the Surprise My Pet box could be a good subscription for the right pet owner – namely someone with a dog who’s not too discerning regarding food, or toys. The mix of products makes it hard for those of us with picky canines, and that’s understandable, it’s a risk coming from any subscription box where you don’t know what’s going to be included.  In that regard, I would have loved to see a rawhide or some sort of hard-toy included here. While my Meadow would have enjoyed the rawhide, there wasn’t anything in this month’s box that felt that it could be handled by a dog that plays “rough” with its toys (as I noted on the plush toys). Something like a Kong would be appreciated for those dog owners. I also with that the “owner” product was more useful than a candle. I’ve been wanting to have a collar light for late-night walks for some time, something similar could be cool. I like putting bandanas on Meadow (that’s the most she dresses up, besides the occasional poncho), so it’d be really neat were there a different bandana each month or something along those lines.

As promised, if you’re interested in trying one out for yourself (and you should!), you can score 10% off by using the code BOXR at checkout!