MYME Box Review (with video)

MYME BOX is a Health and Wellness Subscription Box for the “Busy Mom” or “Working Girl” delivered straight to the door to celebrate all our accomplishments for the month.

I received nine items in my box.

  • Lavender scented Epson Salt 1.5lb bag: I thought this was a great item to receive because we use Epson salt in my home already. Since I’ve never tried the lavender scent this was a pleasant surprise.
  • Miss Spa clarify facial mud mask:  Now, I’m not a fan of mud masks so this item wouldn’t benefit me, but if someone else received it or can pass it on, then there’s no waste.mymebox
  • Essential oil: this oil suggest that you use it as a body oil or to inhale it for relaxation. I like the scent it has which is cinnamon, nut meg and sweet oranges.  I may actually put this somewhere in the house for the aroma.
  • Lemongrass Bath Bomb: 5oz bath bomb.  We are fans of bath bombs in my house so I was excited to see this in my box.
  • thinkThin Protein & Fiber Bar: This is a chocolate almond brownie bar. I’m not a fan of fiber bars but this looks really good. With just 150 calories I may just try it.
  • Believe mug: Unfortunately, this mug was broken upon arrival. I can’t use it but it was a nice touch.
  • Lemongrass Lavender Herbal Tea: This tea is organic and caffeine free. I have never tried this tea so I’m looking forward to trying it.
  • 2pc Earring set: This is a neon yellow necklace with a pair of earrings to match.  I’m personally not a fan of the set, but I’m sure someone is.

The whole MYME Box theme is to relax-revive-renew (live), and I really think with the items I received in my box I can do just that. I hope this review will help someone else to make a decision to purchase from MYMEBOX.