Cocotique Beauty Box Review – Spring Essentials



This was my first Cocotique box. It came with an informative card detailing each item inside and, on the backside, an inspirational note from Founder & CEO Dana Hill. This month’s message was a call to “accept yourself and your beauty will shine from within.” The packaging was beautiful, and I was excited to dig in.

Essenza Mango Agave Hand Soap



The Essenza soap was my favorite item in the box. Hand soap is usually so drying that I have to slather on lotion after washing my hands. But this left my hands soft and moisturized, and I skipped the hand cream. And the soft scent of citrus fruits was pleasant.

Ginger & Liz Colour Collection Nail Lacquer


See, when it comes to nail colors, I’m stuck on the opposite ends of a spectrum – I like a pale beige or a neon pink – and typically no in between. I was hesitant looking at the glittery bottle. But as I was polishing, the more I was like, “hey, now!” The textured diamond look was very Beyonce-esque. I even caught myself singing “Single Ladies” as I polished my tips. Then, I read the bottom label to see the color’s name: Queen Bee. How apropos. And Ginger & Liz is vegan-friendly and toxin-free! The application was easy and fool-proof. Textured polishes are not easy to take off, and this one was no exception. But it’s a good look when you want to glam it up on occasion.

My son commented that the polish made my hands look like I was 21 years old. Sold! I used the Ginger & Liz discount code in my box to order a full-size version of this “youth in a bottle.”

Naked Beaute Adore Shea Body Butter


I’m not a fan of the thick texture and sticky feeling of body butter. While this moisturizer by Naked Beaute is more of a whipped style, it’s still thicker than I prefer. I did feel super moisturized. Along with the 100% natural shea butter, mango butter, and cocoa butter, the Naked Beaute body butter is also infused with some of my favorite oils, including coconut and sweet almond oil. The citrus aroma from the fruit extracts lingered beautifully after my shower.

Makari Skin Repairing Clarifying Serum


This serum is billed as a “repairing gel to help remove unwanted pigmentation, discoloration, dark spots, acne scars.” It is also formulated to treat dark elbows, knuckles, knees, and toes.

There were no instructions on the sample tube of Makari serum, so I searched the company’s website. You apply only a speck of the product to your problem areas. For $52 retail for 1.35 fl. oz. (ouch!), I hope this lasts! One user on the site reported that she purchased the Makari serum and after five months, she still had product left.

I placed a tiny amount on several dark spots on my face and elbows. The clear serum was a bit gelatinous and had a perfume aroma. Time will tell if Makari serum works, but it has good reviews so it may be worth a try.

Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture Defining Butter Crème & Ultra-Moisturizing Co-Wash


Natural hair care products are not cheap these days, so it’s nice to be able to test samples before investing in them. I received the Cocotique box soon after getting a Keratin hair smoothing treatment, so I didn’t want to risk ruining it with unfamiliar products. However, after researching the company website, the products seem definitely worth sampling.

BONUS: You B-Natural Botanical Smoothing & Defrizzing Crème



As I mentioned, I have a Keratin treatment, so I wasn’t expecting the You-B Natural crème to “smooth” or “defrizz.” I tried it as a heat protectant for my bangs, which I like to flat iron daily. (I know, I’m a bad girl). The conditioner was lightweight and absorbed well in my strands with no residue. It didn’t weigh my bangs down, and it had a soft, fragrant smell.