Club W rebrands as Winc and raises $17.5 million

Club W rebrands as Winc, raises $17.5 million for personalized wine

Club W now known as WINC been a leading direct to consumer wine subscription service for the past couple years. They’ve seen tremendous growth over the past year and have decided to merge all 3 aspects of their business. WINC has always been the name of their winery that produces all of the wine on the Club W site Club W is their wine club/ subscription service that you all know and love.

Give Wine is their corporate gifting business, and WINC Direct is the B2B aspect of their business that has successfully partnered with businesses and restaurants to sell WINC wine. As they continue to grow as a company it made sense to unify all three branches of our business under one name, WINC.

Read more about the transition and money raised on TechCrunch here

Club W April 2016 Wine Review

So you want to be a wine connoisseur but don’t know where to begin…. have you ever thought about joining a monthly wine club?  Let me introduce you to Club W.

Club W is a monthly personalized wine club.  Each month they make new recommendations for you based on your palate profile. What’s also cool about this subscription is it’s backed by a 100% satisfaction, so that means never pay for a bottle you don’t like.  If you lean more towards the white wines like myself now is the time to venture out and add a little red in your collection. They have bottles starting from $13 so becoming a wine connoisseur just became more affordable.  


Now, I know what you’re thinking, sometimes too much of a good thing ends up being not so good. You can cancel your subscription at any time for one month and start back up the next, that way you can catch up on all the wine you’ve been collecting!

Three Wines

So go ahead and say goodbye to your local wine store or grocers and say hello to Club W.

Check out the video below, reviews on; Everything Nice White Wine, WKND White Sparkling Wine and Passarola Red Wine.

Everything Nice, Passarola, WKND

Everything Nice, Passarola, WKND