Bulu Box March 2016 Review

Do you subscribe to Bulu Boxis a monthly subscription box that curates four to five health, nutrition, and weight loss products samples for healthy living connoisseurs.

Bulu challenges Bulugans (aka subscribers) not only to be adventurous in expanding their health product options, but also rewards subscribers for completing surveys on products from their Bulu Box. Subscribers can easily earn up to $10 in Bulu rewards per month, which essentially makes their subscription box free.

I received this month’s edition of Bulu Box in exchange of reviewing their products and overall subscription quality.

The Subscription BoxBulu Box

The Cost: $10 (Less than $5 a box with the annual subscription and coupon code!)

Limited Time Deal: Use coupon code MYSUB99 to get your first box for only $.99, then every following box for only $5, for the lifetime of your subscription!

COUPON: $5 off forever! For the lifetime of your subscription, every box will be $5 off. with coupon code MYSUB5

The Products: Each box contains four to five curated health and nutrition products such as vitamin and supplement samples, healthy snacks, and treats.

One aspect that I adore about Bulu Box is the packaging, detailed product information, and coupons. The box is a vibrant orange, decorated with inspirational quotes. “You can’t brighten someone else’s path without lighting your own.”

The inside of the box is neatly wrapped with orange tissue–giving the feeling of opening a present. I’ve received a wide variety of subscription boxes in the past and I appreciate that I can tell the box was packaged with care and the subscriber in mind.

IMG_4172 IMG_4174 IMG_4175

Fru-Licious Freeze-Dried Fruit – 1 Pack, Value $1.00

These delicious freeze-dried strawberries and bananas deliver a punch of flavor. One neat aspect of this product is that there are actual WHOLE strawberries in the bag. As I ate one, my whole mouth watered from the sweet tart taste. Following strict manufacture restrictions, this crunchy delight is GMO Free, Peanut Free, Wheat Free, and Gluten Free. I know I’m rambling about these, but all in all, fru-licious is great for the whole family. Their on the go packaging and natural sweetness are minimal in calories and sugar, but high in taste.

Personal Trainer Food, Pumpkin Seeds – Bonus Sample, Value $0.50

Alas, pumpkin seeds aren’t my thing–however, this sample came in a generous packaging offering more than a few handfuls to eat. Snacks selected from Personal Trainer Food keep your best interests in mind, offering snacks that help burn fat and trim down fast–who doesn’t want that?

The Hand Stuff – 3 grams, Value $0.60

I originally thought this was for anyone until I reviewed The Hand Stuff’s website. The Hand Stuff is for working men. The lotion is made of mostly shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamin e. This lotion is runny in comparison to the thick, creamy lotions I am used to using. It also has a subtle calming, cologne scent. This would make a terrific gift for the man in your life, if you’re sick and tired of all his callouses.

IMG_4176 IMG_4177 IMG_4178 IMG_4180

Duel Fuel Sports Nutrition Bar – 1 Bar, Value $2.50

For this being the best value item in the box, I had higher expectations for taste. Although, the nutrition bar is peanut butter fudge, it tastes mostly like peanut butter. Rest assured, this bar is packed with protein, whey protein, and milk. It has no additives, sweeteners, or preservatives and contains only three grams of sugar–much lower, than competing brands!

Flora Udo’s Choice Enzyme Blend – 3 Capsules, Value $1.10

These health capsules help to provide better digestion. It can also help to relieve bloating, gas, and stomach discomfort–making it a win-win for everyone who takes it. The manufacturer suggests taking one capsule before your meal. This product is great for your lactose intolerant friends.

Mrs. Crimbles Macaroons – Bonus Sample, Value $0.70

The fat lover in me was excited to sample Mrs. Crimbles Macaroons. Layered with chocolate and a delicious mix of coconut, this snack is a great crowd pleaser. They are also surprisingly gluten free! If no one told me, I wouldn’t have been able to tell a difference. I’m munching on my macaroon as we speak, I don’t want this moment to end–so yummy.

Cal-Ez – 2 Doses, Value $0.90

My favorite part about this dissolving additive is that it is absolutely flavorless! I’ve tried adding healthy flavored powders to drinks in the past and have not been a fan of the taste. Cal-Ez offers a daily dose of vitamin D in a quick absorbing powder. It is versatile and can be added to any beverage from smoothies to protein shakes, and even coffee!

The estimated total box value – $7.30

Verdict: This box has a value of about $8. That’s in the range of what I would expect for a Bulu Box. I’ve found the value is always good if you use the 50% off coupon and get this box for $5 or less, and you take advantage of their points system. (With the 50% off coupon you can get your monthly box for $5 (or less with an annual subscription), and then you get $1 to spend in the Bulu shop for every product you review. So this box would cost you $5 and you’d get $7 back in the shop). I would recommend this subscription if you would buy things from Bulu Box’s shop – with the Bulu Box points it basically makes the subscription a free bonus and a way to try out a few new products each month. The products aren’t always a good fit for me, but at least half of the samples are things I want to try, so it works out! Do you subscribe to Bulu Box? What do you think of it?