Bean Box April 2016 Review

Bean Box delivers freshly roasted coffee from Seattle’s top roasters to your doorstep.


Bean Box delivers a monthly box of freshly roasted gourmet coffee from Seattle’s premier coffee roasters. Subscribers choose whether to receive a full 12 oz. bag of coffee each month or four smaller 1.8 oz. sample-sized bags. Check out the video below for a sneak peek. Scroll further for the full review.

The video was a tease 🙂 Now for the actual review….

bean box, Seattle coffee

We first tried Lighthouse Roaster’s Choice. It’s a full-bodied blend of Ethiopian, Sumatran, and Latin high-grown Arabicas. The beans were darker then any of the others in the box which I love because it screams bold flavor. I enjoyed this one but not as much as the others.

Our second cup was Herkimer Coffee Drip BlendThis was a medium roast coffee from Honduras. Bean Box recommended trying this coffee without milk or sugar because it brings the flavor out. I’m hard headed and tried it with half and half and splenda (please don’t tell me about the negative issues with splenda) and enjoyed the creamy flavor. It had a nice sweet flavor in spite of my additions. 

Kuma Coffee Colombia Bruselas  was tasty! Bean Box said it’s “A true crowd pleaser, with great body, structure, sweetness, and intensity. Fantastic filter coffee or sweet, big-bodied espresso. Notes of chocolate, panela, honeycrisp apple, golden raisin, and raspberry.” and I agree with it all. The flavors are popping and I would def say this was my second favor and order again.

Broadcast Coffee Roasters Colombia Las Margaritas:  Cola, licorice, and chocolate notes emerge from a caramelly-smooth body.  Surprisingly nuanced for a Colombian coffee, this is a awesome drink that I would order again but not before the previous two.