Wantable April Fitness Box


I always believed that discipline is a lifestyle. There is definitely great rewards after putting in the hours and paying your dues. I believe in the rigor that gives us work. I am thankful for the subscription lifestyle that the current day and age gives us. I used to be a shopaholic. I was a slave of impulse, whenever I am tired I will head to the nearest mall and overcompensate stress by grabbing four pairs of shoes. Wantable Box Subscription has set my mind that I don’t have to succumb to the impulses because I know that within the month I will get exactly what I need and those items are well thought of pieces curated by Stylists and not just a product of stress.



Printed Asymetrical Yoga Bra $52 and Active Capri $72

If given the choice, I would have never chosen this pair for myself not because the items are bad but because I never thought that I actually look decent enough to pull this off. Sometimes, we just need to see ourselves through the eyes of others. We are so used to our features that we do not give value to them anymore. I began to appreciate my body because of this pair. I used to cover my body too much. Not only have I saved time, energy and money by subscribing to this month’s fitness box but I also gained positive self-esteem; and that my friends, is quite priceless. By unanimous decision, I am rating this pair: LOVE.

13313716_10208759320114243_1009156660_o (1)

Maintain Cowl Hoodie Top (S)

This lightweight hoodie top is great for running outside but not for high intensity workouts. I am not a fan of running but I wear this in the gym if I layer it with a performance top or tank. The color is really pretty and the material is great when it comes to moisture management. I am rating this: LIKE. April’s Fitness Box is great for mixing and matching, I have two more items in the box and it included black a Premier Perfromance Runner (S) and Glyder Elongate legging which is also in black. These are capsule pieces for every fit girl. I’m pretty satisfied with this month’s box. These are not just mere clothes for me; I treat them as weapons to propel me to reach my fitness mountains. These pieces serve as motivation. I know that when I improve my health, start walking taller, and become stronger the other aspects of my life will follow.



Wantable May Fitness Box

It’s May! That last month of transition and the first sign of Summer. Gyms are packed as people crunch time to fit in their bikinis and show off buns in hot trunks. We get it. It’s hot. The wind is sticky. The sun is blazing and what better way to beat the heat with comfortable yet funky athletic outfits from Wantable? Will anything be better than that?


Koa Tank Waterfall (S)


I have qualms about summer. People look too casual, my skin breaks out because of excess oil and most importantly, I easily become tired because of too much heat. The sun saps my physical energy! It’s almost impossible to look cute while busting my ass out at the gym but thanks to this teal compression top, looking decent does not seem too far fetched at all. A classic racerback style with mesh detail under the straps and around the waistline; it really gives a great contour to the waist. This is my favorite item for this month’s fitness box! My rating for this top is: LOVE.


Bella Compression Tank Blood Orange (S)


You gotta reward your hard work at the gym by showcasing your toned back muscles. My back has been one of my problematic areas. I feel that the ideal update on this spaghetti racer back does not only bring femininity but also enhances support and coverage. Thanks to the built in bra, I don’t have to layer it with sports bra. I am rating this with a spoonful of LOVE.


A short segue: customers save 20% if they keep all the items from the previous month’s box!13334301_10208759052747559_1407416447_o

Printed Capri Blaze (Size 2)


This legging shouts street style! I have a feeling this will not only be worn in gyms but also as an essential part of my wardrobe for casual happenings this summer. I can pair this up with white sneakers and white crisp top.  What I love about this is the waistband does not roll down when I do my squats and lunges. At $69, it’s a bit pricey therefore, I am rating this: LIKE.


On Point Tank Tahiti Pink & Aruba (S)


This has inner bra which is like hitting two birds in one stone. I  am all for efficiency and comfort; especially when working out! The textured body detail with perforated and removable bra cups gives a lot of structure and support to the body. It has a playful strappy back which can get a little bit tricky when putting on and taking off but once you wear it, it’s well fitted and has seamless construction. I am rating this:LIKE.

“Elite” Performance Sport Capri Heather Grey (M)


I own at least three grey athletic leggings already and I absolutely love them. I cheat on my denims for my grey leggings! And receiving another one did not hurt. Mid length performance capris make my lunges and hip abduction exercises feel like nothing. It’s like your second skin. The constructed knit material is excellent for moisture management and comfort. The fitted waist makes sure it stays in place during the most intense workouts. I am rating this: LIKE.

Wantable May 2016 Intimates Box



INTIMATES! Most people forget about intimates and lounge wears. We are so fixated about what is on the outside. Our looks. Our demeanor. Our stance. But most often than not, what is on the outside is intensified by what is on the inside. If we wear quality under garments, our whole outfit will not only look but also feel better.


I cannot stress enough how much savings being on Wantable Subscription has already given me. Subscribers save money from the products, styling fee and most importantly, time. A huge chunk of women’s time goes to shopping. Time is the greatest equalizer and I am very pleased to be able to devote my time doing important things instead of just shopping. Not only do we receive quality curated products, we save money and time. How’s that for a triple win?


I’ve been wearing this lilac long sleeve tunic for the past few days. I think of it while my eyes are getting dry from staying too much in front of the screen designing whatnots and creating videos or PR materials. Coming home and wearing this while snuggled up in bed with my book is one of the simplest things that my current crazy busy life has to offer. This cozy lounge wear quickly became part of my life! Obviously, I am rating this: LOVE.


I am all for classic neutral shades and minimalistic designs. Just reading that previous statement made me feel like a legitimate adult. This lace nude bikini is not just pretty but also oh so comfy! The lace can be deceiving because it is extremely seamless. I am rating this: LOVE. It also matched perfectly with my nude Calvin Klein bras.


Amanda, if you are reading this! I love the blue seamless knickers. It’s something I personally would pick had I done the legwork. Thanks, Wantable for curating my May intimates and lounge wear for me! There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.

Wantable May 2016 Accessories Box


Coming from a long day and receiving a notification that my Wantable Box Accessories has arrived is always a treat. Suddenly, I am not the uptight New Yorker and I get to be an excited kid again. The anticipation would get heightened when I see the box lying on my staircase. All my worries will temporarily be muted as I spend the next moment unboxing my Wantable products. What did my Fairy god Stylists give me this month? Let’s see!



I believe that almost everything is all about the delivery; packaging per se. Don’t you just love Wantable’s minimalist white box design?



Bryn Sunglasses

Gradient cat-eye sunnies! At first, I thought this was not going to be  a good fit for my round face. I usually stick with Wayfarers. I like the gold metal arm and the gradient glass effect. I am giving it an OKAY rating. Moderate because it is not that versatile. It’s for a more formal occasion. Although it fits okay, I’m not sure if it looks perfect with my circular face. I’m still a bit hesitant. At $7.29 this is a steal.


Tessa Bracelet in Gold

This adjustable bangle features a white marble stone and a spike detail. I personally like the combination of white and gold; it’s spunky and elegant. This goes together with almost any outfit. I can wear it on its own or pile it up together with brass bangles or even chain bracelets. I am giving this product a LIKE rating. At $7.29 this is a steal.


Coral Geneva Watch

I asked for an everyday watch. Ideally, something similar to a simple Daniel Wellington; not a girly watch. I dislike wearing girly watches. I stick with minimalistic or classic designs. At $11 this pretty much sums up what the watch is worth. I may wear this but very seldom. I am giving this a DISLIKE.



Lilac scarf features fringe accents is perfect for Spring! I am thinking of wearing this on top of a white crisp collared polo for formal occasions or plain white v-neck shirt for casual trips. It’s retailed at $24 but with Wantable, it’s only $10.29. This is a great pick me up piece that makes any attire put together. I am rating this a big old LOVE.




Wantable Make-Up May 2016 Collection



Spring is in full bloom. Everything looks livelier and vibrant… except for my skin. Allergies aren’t pretty, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be. At least for me. Thanks to Wantable for putting the excitement back into Spring and pollen in its place; for saving my face this allergy season with these healthy products to sooth my irritated skin.

My May Wantable Beauty Box includes the Cleansing Oil, Eyeliner, Mascara and Eye Emulsion Serum. I am turning 25 and I have decided to prioritize the health of my skin and thanks to Wantable for letting me try products that are good to defy age. Aside from drinking water, investing in quality skin care is a must, Ladies


LOVE is for this cleansing oil that can be used as a moisturizer and make-up remover. I was quite hesitant to use it as a make-up remover since it is oil based and my skin is already oily. Ideally, people would have a common misconception that only alcohol can cleanse the pores. I was proven wrong. I am a believer of this product’s efficiency and the scent puts me to a relaxing mood after a long day at school and work.


LOVE is for this eye serum emulsion that came in a charming velvet pouch. The pouch is used because the eye emulsion is enclosed in a glass container. At 24, I am beginning to invest more in eye creams and skin care to defy aging.


LIKE is for this felt tip eyeliner. It makes for easy application. Allergies make eye my itch and this smudge proof eyeliner from Sugar saves me from raccoon eyes! It is worth every penny.


LIKE is for this Volumizer Mascara. The packaging is hands down very svelte but it does not live up to its purpose. I have naturally thick eyelashes and using this should have made my eyes pop a bit more but it did not. I had to apply three coats and that is not very efficient and quite wasteful.

All in all, I liked the products in the May Wantable Beauty Box. I am not returning anything and already excited for the June box.

Wantable April 2016 Style Edit

Ah! April! It’s that time of the year again when shopping windows scream, “Sale,” pleading to empty our dormant bank accounts. But since I have been receiving my boxes from Wantable, I have had become a shopping window snob. Wantable gives me a different sense of excitement that traditional shopping does not. Yes, even in New York City – a shopping mecca – choosing fashion ensembles can become predictable. I realized that like life, shopping should be interesting; after-all, life is like a box of chocolates. Well this time, I am about to open my subscription box from my very own Stylist and I never guessed what I was going to get.


I usually rate the products I get with love, like, okay and dislike. Let’s start with love since in Spring everyone’s in love at the first signal of warmth.  Love – is for the Clean Cuff Crop Kelsie Blue Wash Jeans. Buying a pair of jeans has always been a daunting task to me because I am finicky about proper fitting. I was surprised to see a pair in my April box. It’s a make or break challenge to pick a perfect pair; how much more for another person. Hats off to my Stylist for picking a perfect fitting jeans for me.

  • Mid rise
  • Skinny fit through hips and thighs
  • Skinny leg is cropped above ankle
  • Button and zipper front closure; belt loops
  • Five-pocket styling
  • Medium blue wash with whiskering and fading
  • Cuffed at hem
  • Machine washable

I can see myself using this for years. The quality is amazing and it is very comfortable. For business meetings, I dress it up with my strappy heels (in the background), lace top and a spring jacket. For casual rendezvous, I wear it with a white crisp top and pastel boat shoes.


LOVE – is for this romantic sunset lace top. I requested this through wantable stream; originally in white but have absolutely no qualm about receiving it in black. Stylist, you are forgiven! Just wearing this automatically makes any woman be in touch with her femininity. It instantly makes you feel and be the beautiful person that you are. I paired it up with ankle length black leggings, gold flats, gold statement earrings and gold watch. Oh, and I also pulled my hair up in a chic chignon! The details of this fabric is intricate unlike the machine etched lace that is common in the market making this top perfect for date nights. Wink. Wink. At $105, this is a steal!


LIKE – is for the aptly called The Essential Blazer. Everybody needs an easy to pull versatile blazer that can be worn both in dress up and dress down occasions. The cosy fabric makes is perfect for Spring. Its neutral tone makes it easy to pair it with almost any color that you can think of. Don’t be fooled by its surreal cosy fabric because the padded shoulder detail finishes it up as a structured piece. I call it the ultimate Spring Jacket.


Dislike is for the two products that I received: Wilt Easy V Neck Long Sleeve Tee and Alfred Jacket. As soon as I saw how these two clothes fit me, I automatically put it in the return envelope to be sent back to Wantable. I like how convenient it is to return the products that you can live without. Not only was there a return bag, but the address is already typed in; you literally just have to bag and drop!

Just like in love, you just know what will work and what will not work. In finding your style, always trust your gut instinct. I received the tee in olive. I avoid wearing color like browns and other warm, earthy colors like mauve and olive. It just looks dingy and sad when they are used in prints and low-quality materials. Instead, I focus on black and white and really saturated colors that feel bright and crisp, like rich jewel tones. Also, it’s spring so why not wear something vibrant as pastels?

The Alfred Jacket would have had a potential to stay in my closet had it not been for the crazy cut. The front is already asymmetrical; with the soft unstructured fabric, the criss-cross back was just too much of a detail for the piece; not to mention the hazy print it is in. I tend to gravitate towards simple yet bold pieces that’s why I returned it.

Three out of five products that I received for April's Style Edit Subscription box made me happy. Spring is the time for new beginnings. Wave goodbye to things that do not flatter you. Wantable makes life stand before me like an eternal spring with new and brilliant clothes.

Wantable Intimates April 2016 Collection

Ah! Intimates. This is a necessity which is often overlooked by most people. Very few people splurge on them but most people do not even make it part of their wardrobe. As for me, I keep it simple; comfortability that is basically it. But that is about to change! Who said you cannot look pretty while lounging in the comfort of your den?


April is a key transition month where we get extreme temperature high and lows. Wantable played it safe by giving me a pajama but with a racer-back top as lounge wear. My Stylist sent me a playful pink polka thong for under garment. Those three products made my April Intimates Collection.


Ranking this month’s products,  I will give the lounge pair a love rating. I love the print and fabric. It is just right for the season. Valued at $60, I think this is durable enough until Autumn.  Okay rating is for the thong. I am not a fan of anything playful, I keep my prints minimal. Also, the fabric is not the most comfortable. It is valued at $16 but discounted at $10.53; therefore, I think it is a fair. I got a total savings of $26.


Wantable makes it easy for their patrons to return the goods by not charging any fee. Start the return procedure by going through the history tab of your account. Five days is given as a trial period. Have you decided to keep all, you will be entitled for Wantable additional store credit. Honestly, I think it is a fair game.


This is my third box from Wantable and I still feel like I haven’t seen what they have to offer so I read the flyer about their website’s stream feature. It is like a community of Wantablesubscribers! I encourage you to go through it and see what products other women are scoring, their reviews and maybe request the products for yourself. Subscription is all about personalized experience, so take advantage of Wantablehigh customization features!

Wantable Accessories April 2016 Collection

Is it just me or all the pieces in the accessories box of Wantable make for a great ensemble? The base theme that Amanda the Stylist chose for me is white. Lately, I have been falling in love with the crispness of white so I am really digging this month’s loot.



April collectionApril collection is all about bringing the perfect pieces to brighten up my sullen wardrobe. The statement clutch is usually used for night outs but since I received my box, I have been using it to school and everyday errands. It comes with multiple compartments; my phone fits snugly along with the bills, cards, coins and even hair ties. Statement clutches is a new addition to Wantable. I love how functional and pretty it looks.

This month’s box contains the lucy wallet in white, maureen sunglasses in brown leopard, marnie necklace in gold and finally frankie studs in gold. Again, the four products look great in one ensemble but I plan on rating each product according to my love, like, okay and dislike ranking. I want to be able to use each piece and match it with my other accessories.


Let’s start with love, since everything revolves around love. Love for me is the Lucy Wallet in white. I give it four stars because of the perfect balance of functionality and style. It would have been five had the zipper been more reliable; durability is still part of the equation. Valued at $24, I still feel like this is a bargain.

Like for me is the  Marnie Necklace in gold. It has a vintage feel because of the marble pendant. The asymmetrical length gives more uniqueness to the piece. I like to wear this with a pastel chiffon top. Retailed at $18, but my Wantable discounted price is $9.60.12991878_10208433476648360_1495202169_o (1)

Okay for me is the Maureen Sunglasses in brown leopard. I like how it fits my face and my face is not the easiest shape to work with. What I do not like is the print, just not a fan of leopard with white. But then again, I recall clicking like for the leopard print with the style quiz. The good thing with Wantable is I can edit my preference anytime! 13036550_10208433455767838_1859646044_o

Dislike for me is the frankie studs in gold. The tear drop detail is alright but the material is not that elegant. I would have wanted for this to go together with my other accessories. Valued at $16 but priced at $8.53, I think it is just fair priced.

The total value of my collection is $75 but Wantable is only $40. I have saved not only $35 but also energy and time from shopping. Since I do not intend to return anything, I am getting $4 Wantable credits towards my next purchase. Isn’t that sweetly wantable?


Wantable Make-Up April 2016 Collection

Wantable promises to freshen up our cosmetic bags for the upcoming warmer months. I was prompted for a thorough but surprisingly not exhausting style quiz to gauge your likes and dislikes. The Stylists then curates four to five premium cosmetics, skincare and tools to include in the box. I was a bit hesitant how they were going to match my preferences since the Stylists have no clue about how I look like! They have a feisty caveat of “Keep what you love and return what you don’t” which ensured my peace of mind. Admittedly, I was counting days until my hands got to feel the products in the flesh.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 7.48.34 PM

It arrived within the expected date. Subscribers will get notification when it gets shipped and when it arrives on your door. I like how personal the subscription box looked. There is a letter from the Stylist that gives not only the summary of the content but also how to use the products and some beauty tips.

According to the summary, I only received products that I love or like. In the future, it will be handy to change my preferences depending not just on the season but the trend and even on what I need. To  take advantage of the value of receiving four to five products every month, I suggest broadening the love or like section.

PCA Stylist Note

Like Wantable, I rated the products I received like the style quiz that they gave us. Love is for the nude lip gloss which is valued at $24. I like the packaging and the shade really compliments my skin tone. Like is for the mink false eyelashes which is valued at $43. Appeal cosmetics is known for premium fake eyelashes and I cannot wait to use it; though I hope they included a glue along with the product. Like is for the red Spellbound nail lacquer which is valued at $14. This will make my nails pop up in time for the season; also, Spellbound is organic and won’t dry my nails! Like is for the foundation Seta brush which is valued at $20. It’s something I need at the moment. Dislike for me is the sharpener from Billion Dollar Brow which is priced at $2.94. I would return this but it’s such a small thing to be returned.

All in all, the products amounted to $109 but I only paid $ 40! Saving precious time and energy while getting all these premium products for $40 is a great deal. The Makeup Collection is a monthly makeup and skincare subscription. You can cancel or skip subscription anytime. Price is at $40 for first collection, $36/month thereafter.